Music Program

“Ah music, a magic beyond all we do."

 –Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 

We recognize music as a mystery with powers beyond the mind’s grasp. Sometimes described as a Divine or Universal language, we celebrate its power to stir and express the deepest feelings of our hearts in a way that, indeed, seems to know no linguistic barrier. In short, music is one of the most powerful ways we experience Love Beyond Belief together at All Souls Church.

Given our great reverence for music, it may not surprise that we cherish not only its broad use but also its excellence.

Our esteemed Director of Music, Rick Fortner and Executive Director of Worship, David B. Smith, ensure that the gift of music to our community brings both quality and heart. Beyond sharing their own incredible musical gifts, they draw out and orchestrate the talent and dedication of more than 160 volunteer and professional musicians of all ages. Together they bring inspiring and diverse music to our congregation for many occasions and every worship service. 

All of our musicians consider what they do a gift to the community. For many, using their gifts in this way is central to showing gratitude. All our musicians strive for excellence and our music program is committed to spiritual growth and education. Wherever you feel your talent or experience level lies, there is a place for you! Our music program is there for all who wish to grow and give through its expression.