Reproductive Justice

No Government, Group, or Individual Can Take Away a Woman’s Right to Choose

The Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (OKRCRC) is part of a national coalition of mainstream religious organizations who believe in a woman's right to reproductive freedom. OKRCRC affirms that no government, group, or individual can take away a woman’s religious and constitutional right to choose.

All Souls OKRCRC members:

  • Volunteer as Peaceful Presence Escorts at Reproductive Services one morning a week to escort women from the parking lot into the clinic and to protect them from the protesters across the street. The women appreciate our service and support during this time in their lives.
  • Our Roe Fund provides aid to women, paid directly to the clinic, which often results in thank you notes such as this: "Thank you so much for helping women like me. Not everyone in this area is so understanding. I wish there were more organizations like yours to help women who feel they don't have a choice." Some letters express surprise that a religious organization would help them in their time of need - we are proud to be supportive and part of a program that does just that.
  • Publicity - we also need people to post news articles and events on our website or Facebook site. This requires regularly reading newspapers and online news services as part of the research process.
  • Other volunteer opportunities emerge from time to time.

Please contact us at if you are interested in supporting reproductive justice - the more people working for change, the more progress we make.

To learn more about OKRCRC, visit their website at, or check out their Facebook page.