Criminal Justice Outreach

Seeking systemic change, addressing all who are effected by over criminalization and Adverse Childhood Experiences.  Advocating for the future to be stigma free.

About the All Souls Criminal Justice Outreach

Mission: The All Souls Criminal Justice Outreach Team seeks to educate how we are all impacted by incarceration, to educate the community about criminal justice issues, and to cultivate equitable reforms in Oklahoma's Criminal Justice System. This is a public health issue and a mental health issue.

Current Projects include:

  • Women In Recovery Holiday Party for Graduates and their Children- Women in Recovery is a program conducted by Family & Children Services and is an intensive outpatient alternative for eligible women facing long prison sentences for non-violent drug-related offenses. CJO and All Souls supports this important program by hosting their annual Graduate Family Holiday Party – creating a parent child celebration and tradition.  WIR Continuing Care offers lifetime services, support, healthy connections, and community resources for all women who have been connected to the program. 
  • Incarceration Reduction – Oklahoma has had the highest per capita rate for the incarceration of women in the world for over 20 years. CJO continues with working towards the goal of lowering the incarceration rate.
  • Court Bot – a high-tech low-cost solution to the long-standing problem of getting offenders to their court dates on time.  Missed court dates often result in arrests and increased sentences.
  • New Hope Oklahoma –Oklahoma has over 96,000 children who have experienced an incarcerated parent. These children have a 70% risk of themselves being incarcerated.  This non-profit organization helps children with incarcerated parents re-connect with their parents and learn healthy strategies to break the generations cycle of incarceration. CJO works to assist New Hope with technology and other needed resources.

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