Wednesday Connections

Wednesday Connections

September-November | January-April

Our intergenerational Wednesday Connections program feeds the body, mind, and soul!

All are welcome to dinner and WOW Chapel, and we have a host of classes, groups, and spiritual practices for all ages.

Opportunities for children and youth include:
All Souls Camp Fire Club, pre-k through 12
th grade   |   5:30-7:00 p.m.
Children’s Choir, 4
th through 7th grade   |   7:00-8:00 p.m.
Youth Group, 9
th through 12th grade   |   6:00-8:30 p.m.

Childcare is available for children, 5th grade and younger, for adults attending Wednesday Connections activities   |   5:30-8:30 p.m.

5:30 - 6:30 p.m.


Dinner in Emerson Hall: Join staff, ministers and friends and get to know the people you see on Sunday mornings. Vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

$10 Adults, $5 kids, ages 4 to 11 (Ages 3 and under free), $25 Family

6:30 - 7:00 p.m.


Worship on Wednesdays (WOW) in the Chapel. Join us for an intimate service featuring local live music, with a short message from one of our ministers.

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.



Adult Program Classes Fall 2017

Wednesday Connections classes and spiritual practices to engage the whole person – body, mind and spirit. 

Starting in September

Artists Atelier open Studio
Weekly starting September 20
This year, the Artists Atelier will feature 4 to 6 different art projects to satisfy your creative juices. Scheduled so far is Bottle Slumping, Dia de los Muertos, a community mosaic and arts and crafts. 


All Souls Reads Book Discussion
Facilitated by Rev. Gerald Davis 
September 20, October 11, November 15, December 6 
Also offered on the Second Sunday of the month. Refer to Sunday Classes and Discussion groups for book selections listed on page 10 of your Adult Programs Handbook.

All Souls Reads selects books which explore the human condition when encountering and overcoming oppressive circumstances. 



September 20   |   Discussion: The Mask You Live In hosted by the Men’s Group 

October 4   |   Free Screening: Oil & Water sponsored by the All Souls Green Team!

October 11   |   An intercultural movie. Hosted by REWIRE 

October 18   |   Being Mortal, a documentary about planning for the end of life. Hosted by Life Decisions and Green Country Hospice. 

October 25   |   Misrepresentation. Hosted by the Men’s Group 

November 8   |   An intercultural movie. Hosted by REWIRE 


Civics 101 - Our State & Your Role 
September 20 to October 11 
Be an informed citizen, ready to exercise your rights and re-sponsibilities! You may attend any or all sessions. Sponsored by ACTION All Souls. 

September 20   |   An OK Legislative Primer. Do you know who controls the action in OKC? How do ideas (good or bad) become laws? Who represents you and your concerns? This overview of the legislative system will make the process clearer. Facilitated by the OK Policy Institute. 

September 27   |   From Clicktivism to Activism. Interested in politics, and looking for ways to get involved? Join us in discussing the ways we can make a difference beyond social media. Facilitated by John Waldron 

October 4   |   Fact vs Fiction. How do you know if what you hear or read is true? What sources can you count on? How do you correct false understandings while preserving relationships? 

October 11   |   Power in Politics. This panel discussion will include candidates, media, lobbyists, and donors as they share their perspectives on the influences in politics. 


Cohousing: A New Way of Living 
Cohousing is an intentional community of proactive adults who want to live in a vibrant neighborhood where neighbors know and care about one another. A communi-ty that values connection and sustainability, acceptance and diversity, health and wellness, fun and support, pri-vate homes and shared spaces. 

September 20   |   What’s It All About: The basics– what it is, what it isn’t. 

September 27   |   The Power of Community: Cohousing yields many posi-tive benefits and has the power to keep you healthy, active, engaged and thriving. 

October 4   |   Living Lighter: Cohousing neighborhoods are models of environmental, economic and social sustainability. 

October 11   |   Aging Better Together vs. Aging Alone: Cohousing sup-ports successful aging no matter your age. 

October 18   |   What’s Next: Discover what’s being done to create a co-housing community in Tulsa 


Everyday Spiritual Practices
Facilitated by Nicole Ogundare and friends  
Weekly starting September 20 
Are you spiritual but not religious? Looking for a practice? Experience everyday practices to how to deepen your sense of inner peace and explore paths to enlightenment for yourself and others. 


Introduction to Redefining Masculinity 
Preview the “Redefining Masculinity” project of the All Souls Men’ Group. This series of 9 discussion sessions for those who identify as men, is intended to inform, evaluate, empower and mobilize to promote healthy and respectful social norms. The full series will begin in January, 2018. 

September 20  |  The Masks You Live In  |   Facilitated by Gary Godwin. 

October 4   |   Changing the Language of Masculinity   |   Facilitated by Brian Turner. 

October 25   |   Miss Representation   |   Facilitated by Samantha Wade, Community Educator, DVIS. 

November 8   |   What Women Experience: A Panel of All Souls Women Speak   |   Facilitated by Bill Westcott. 

Monthly Theme Talks With Minsters
Facilitated by All Souls Ministers  
September 20, October 4, November 1, and December 6 
Each month our ministers will share their views and invite discussion on our churchwide themes. 


10 monthly sessions: 

September 20 
October 10
November 15
December 12
January 17
February 21
March 21
April 18
May 15
June 20

Registration Required by September 13 
$40 All Souls members / $75 non-members 
REWIRE is a racial identify group for white people to unlearn racism. Participants explore racial identity formation and learn how to be effective allies for racial justice. 


Soulful Circle Samplers 
September 20, October 25, and November 15 
Soulful Circle is a spiritual practice to assist your spiritual growth. The small groups promote deeper connections and understanding and are a powerful way to experience love be-yond belief through the gift of one another’s presence and connection soul to soul. 


Ted Talks
Facilitated by Roni Jackson-Kerr  
Participants will view a TED Talk and discuss how the talk relates to their lives. The class will determine the topic for the following week. 


September 20 to October 4 
In 2008 New Dimensions and All Souls created a new style of worship combining the spirit of Pentecostalism with the theology of Unitarian Universalism. This 3-week course offered by our ministers will explore the blending of our religious faiths. 


Writer’s Workshop
Facilitated by Katja Blum 
Weekly starting September 20 
A creative writing class exploring a variety of writing prompts and inspirational exercises. You will create roadmaps for turning inspiration into a piece of prose or poetry. Weekly workshop attendance is helpful but not required. 


Starting in October

Palestine, A Single Woman and 1931
Facilitated by Andrea Jackson 
October 4 
In 1931, Andrea Jackson’s mother spent a year with a friend in Palestine. Her year of adventure was documented by her corre-spondence. Andrea spent 5 years reading these letters and brought her to a new and unexpected compassion for her mother. Her book, Who Am I and Where Is Home: An American Woman in 1931 Palestine, documents both her and her moth-er’s journey. The book is not required reading for the class. 


Path to Membership 
October 4 to 18 
Explore Unitarian Universalism and All Souls history. Refer to Page 9 of this handbook for more information 


Intercultural Movie Night 
October 10 and November 8 
We will show a movie that explores difference generally, and race specifically to start respectful discourse and to help us to see the water in which we swim. Come to Wednesday Connections dinner to find out what’s on at the movies! 

If you have a movie suggestion, please contact Paula Vella at for us to consider. 


End of Life 1:1 
October 11 and 25 
October’s churchwide theme is Death. Many people have expressed the desire to complete a Life Decisions Packet for their end of life desires, but feel overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. These sessions are an opportunity to meet one on one with a member of the Life Decisions Team to assist you in completing your Life Decisions Packet. 


From Masks to True Self 
Facilitated by Nattasha Bogdanov– Ordained Interfaith Minister
October 11 to November 15 
Ancient wisdom teaches that we respond to childhood trauma in 5 defined defense systems which affect our behavior, self-expression and the shape of our physical body. This class will explore how to release these to be-come our true selves.  


Parenting Book Discussion 
October 11 and 25 
Be inspired, challenged & uplifted in your parenting journey as we read & discuss selections from books both classic & modern. Topics will range from broaching difficult current events to tips & trick for cleanup time. Parents & care givers of children & young adults of all ages welcomed 


Facilitated by Steven Williams and Karyn Fox
October 18 to November 15 
Registration is required by October 4
$25 for All Souls Members / $50 for non-members  
This introduction to Sexuality Education for Adults explores sexuality through individual’s values and experiences. Strengthen communication skills and increase your under-standing of healthy relationships, sexual diversity, and sexuality throughout the life cycle.

October 18   |   Workshop One: Sexuality and Values 

October 25   |   Workshop Two: Sexuality and Communication 

November 1   |   Workshop Three: Sexuality and Spirituality 

November 8   |   Workshop Four: Discovering the Sexual Self 

November 15   |   Workshop Five: Experiencing the Sexual Other 


Starting in November

Hymnal 101 
Facilitated by Susan Swatek 
November 1, 8, and 15 
Do you read ahead when you're singing a hymn to see if you agree with the lyrics? Unitarian Universalism places value on the written words in the Holy Books of the world’s religions, but UU’s do not have a unifying Holy Book. What do we have? The UU hymnal. Come learn about “our” Good Book and its evolution. 


November 1 
This is a session to meet with a minister and become a mem-ber of All Souls, concluding the PATH to membership series. 


Starting in December

Holiday Memorial Chapel 
December 13   |   6:30 to 7:15 
Honor your loved ones who have died in the last year. The Holiday Memorial Chapel holds space for our family & friends who are no longer with you. If you would like the name of your loved on to be read during the memorial Chapel, please call the church office by Monday, Dec. 11 at 5 p.m. 





Ongoing Wednesday Evening Spiritual Practices

Majestic Theater
Explore different techniques designed to still the mind, renew focus, reduce stress, and increase energy. Facilitated by Andrew Donovan-Shead.

Presidents' Room
This intergenerational yoga class introduces Pranayama-conscious breath work, Asana-physical postures, and six other aspects of yoga. Designed for all body types and conditions. Facilitated by Stacie Beckert.


Childcare | Wednesday Connections

  • Wednesday Connections Dinner is a family affair and childcare will open after dinner at 6:15 p.m. 
  • Children must be checked-in by an accompanying adult in the Family Room. 
  • Childcare for children in kindergarten through 5th grade is available from 6:15 to 8:30 p.m.
  • No child should ever be left unattended in the building

For more information on Adult Programs, contact Shannon Boston, Executive Director of Lifespan Religious Education, at, 918.743.2805, ext. 321, or Paula Vella, Adult Programs Coordinator, at,  918.743.2805, ext. 223.