Our Staff

Executive Staff

Shannon Boston   |   Executive Director of Lifespan Religious Education
Rachael Hunsucker   |   Executive Director of Operations 
Alison Olig   |   Executive Director of Stewardship
David B. Smith   |   Executive Director of Worship


Program and Administrative Staff

Alli Cothran    |    IT/Database Coordinator
Kate Fitzpatrick   |   Kid's Day Out Coordinator
Rick Fortner   |   Director of Music 
Shalene Gregory   |   Accounting Associate 
Bonita James   |   Communications Manager
Nicole Ogundare   |   Ministry & Life Event's Coordinator
Tanner Phillips   |   Youth Director
Nefertiti Sanders   |   Office Administrator
Sheba Sanders   |   Communications Specialist
Michelle Spencer   |   Children's & Youth Programs Assistant 
Daniel Sutliff   |   Facility Manager 
Paula Vella   |   Ministry Exec. Asst. & Adult Programs
Steven Williams   |   Pastoral Care Chaplain
Tennille Wilson   |   Childcare Coordinator