About Us

All Souls is a multicultural community of people who Love Beyond Belief. We express this in three ways: Connection, Compassion, & Courage


All Souls Unitarian Church Centennial Vision 2021

Our church is an embodiment and celebration of the world as we hope it will one day become. A climate of profound hospitality, love, and acceptance radiates from our campus and our members. Our sanctuary is bursting with people from a diversity of theologies, philosophies, ethnicities, cultures, colors, classes, abilities, generations, sexual orientations, and political persuasions, all dwelling together in peace, seeking the truth in love, and helping one another. Our compassion is reflected in our actions to care for one another, our neighbors, and the environment. Our religious education involves all ages and aims at connecting heads, hearts, and hands.

We are organized so that:

  • Our relationships are nurtured through inter-generational programs and events, music and the arts, and large and small groups that affirm the diversity of the congregation.
  • Our Religious Education is age-appropriate, intellectually stimulating, and supports individual spiritual development as well as an understanding of Unitarian Universalism.
  • Our building and grounds are places of safety and sanctuary that reflect beauty, accessibility, and sustainability, and honor nature as a source of inspiration and life.
  • Our multiple sacred spaces support a variety of worship styles and spiritual practices.
  • Our leadership development is intentional, inclusive and ongoing, for both congregants and staff.
  • Our congregational governance is democratic and transparent.

The result is that:

All Souls is a leader on issues of religious freedom, social justice, and environmental stewardship. Our classes and small groups are packed with people of all ages hungry to learn more. The church is financially secure, the facility and programs are expanding, and are well maintained because each person gives fully what they are able to give of their time, talent, and resources. Legacy gifts from members build security for future generations. The diversity of the congregation is reflected in the diversity of the leadership. Music and the arts are central to how we teach and express our values.

We have accomplished this without compromise in the freedom of individual belief and conscience, while demonstrating respect for each person, using democratic governance and affirming the responsibility of every person to make the world a better

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